Strong to the Core

The Question I’m often asked:  I work out six times a week. I lift weights, run, spin, do lots of ab work would I benefit from taking private pilates lessons?

My answer is yes.  Adding a weekly Pilates private session or even a few Pilates based exercises to your program will integrate core muscles (abs, back, hip flexors, and glutes) Strengthening your core will improve your performance and postural awareness in other activities as well.

Pilates is a series of non-impact exercises designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance and concentration.  It can be done with the use of a Reformer, or Cadillac or to simply you can perform exercises on the mat.  The focal point of Pilates work involves engaging a group of muscles that surround your torso from your lower rib referred as “powerhouse.”   By pulling your naval back and in toward your spine, drawing the sides of the torso center and knit your ribs closer to stabilize your spine you’ll get the idea.

Another Pilates principle is the art of scooping or hollowing the belly, which is the action that helps activate your transverse abdominals, your deepest ab muscles that attach at your back and wrap around either side of your body from the lower half of your ribs to the top of your pelvis that acts as a muscular corset.

He’s an example of how your breath can help you initiate a strong ab contraction and maintain it:  Inhale, then exhale slowly through your mouth as if you’re blowing through a straw.  As you exhale, press your naval to your spine.  without tucking your pelvis under.  Keep your glutes relaxed.  Continue pressing until there is no air left to exhale.  Hold your muscles in this isometric contraction for a while and continue breathing normally.  Feel the tautness through your middle?  Want to learn more?  Taking a private with me will allow you to get a feel for the technique perhaps not fully explained in a group class.



To empower you to make well-informed decisions in nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle that will lead you to live your dream life.

My commitment to you is to guide you to improve the way you look at things.  I look forward to the time we will share together.

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