5 New Strategies for Fat Loss

by Clay Hyght, DC | 01/09/15

Here’s what you need to know…

  1. HIIT mobilizes fat so that it enters the bloodstream. Steady-state cardio makes sure that the fat is burned instead of returning where it came from. Do both in the same workout.
  2. To lose fat and retain or build muscle, consume carbs around the workout, but reduce carbs at other times.
  3. Calorie control is really energy control. As such, consume carbs and fat in an inversely proportional manner.
  4. When dieting, we often choose exercises that are easier and don’t make us breathe as hard. When you want to burn more calories, choose exercises that put more muscles to work.
  5. Using caffeine before every workout will help you with lipolysis, but you’ll also burn more calories because you’ll be more energetic.

For all the details read the article here….

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